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Updated: Dec 23, 2022

It’s obvious that your industries evolve immensely with the related data, information, and new technologies emerging day by day. To efficiently and effectively transfer, communicate, configure and use them, Networking Technology plays a vital role. Understanding the nature of the networking B2B specialists market, we at QAD Networks offer bespoke copper, fiber, power, and coaxial assemblies to major companies and smaller firms across the UK, Europe, and Worldwide.

As a trusted, leading trade manufacturer and supplier of high-quality Fibre Optic and Copper products mainly for the Data Communication, Networking, and Telecommunication industries, we have a collection of British manufactured product capabilities in-store, which can be described as follows.

Fibre-Optic Capabilities

Fiber-Optic cables leave no harmful impression upon the environment, and most importantly, they have reduced power consumption, which directly influences the price and the carbon footprint that the network owners and consumers surely appreciate. Hence QAD Networks offers our clients with capabilities such as Fibre Optic Patch Cords, Mini Breakout Assemblies, Pre-Terminated Multicore Assemblies Tight Buffered, and Loose Tube. These products are available with standard cable colours, while custom colours can be purchased upon request.

Data Networking Capabilities

A usual Cat5e cable can achieve a delivery speed of 1000 Mbps, boosting your ethernet operations. Our Data Networking Capabilities comprise Patch cords, including Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6a, and other assemblies such as BT431, RJ11, Tera- RJ45 SFTP LSZH, etc. further enhancing your ethernet and LAN requirements.

Computer Networking Capabilities

If you ever need high-quality Computer Networking Capabilities, we recommend checking with QAD Networks first because we offer PAT-tested Power Cables, shielded/unshielded Solder Workshop capabilities, and Coaxial Lead types that come with custom lengths, fitting well to your configuration.

Apart from the above capabilities, we are proud to present our featured products, Quick Cabinet Link and the Mini Mil Tac.

The fully customizable Quick Cabinet Link from QAD Networks will make your network connections and infrastructure installations fast, simple, and reliable with its pre-terminated and individually tested end-to-end cabling system. It meets the specific needs of network cabinet projects in all kinds of configurations, including data centers, medical facilities, etc. The plug & play & go system implementation and individual check-ups before delivering to our clients assure the product simplicity and consistency.

The Mini Mil Tac is designed for the deploy ability. It is mostly used on Deploy Reels and can be used for a wide variety of field applications, including military tactical communications, maritime and harsh environments. Its polyurethane outer jacket makes sure that it is resistant to oil, grease and highly abrasion-resistant too. Most importantly, it has improved transportability with a lightweight design and suitable for tight installation situation

If you are a network enthusiast or have any specific requirements regarding Pre-Terminated Copper and Fibre Optic Cable Solutions, visit our website to learn more about the available capabilities. Do not forget to find and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to stay tuned about new product and service updates. We are always ready to reply to your queries, quotation requests, and support through and +44 1787 462489.


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