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Mini Mil Tac™

Updated: Dec 23, 2022

Mini Mil Tac™, developed by QAD Networks, provides you with a rugged, non-metallic deployable cable that is suitable for a wide range of field applications comprising military tactical communications, outside broadcast HD TV distribution, and many more.

Its polyurethane outer jacket ensures that the cable is resistant to abrasion, oil, and grease. Most importantly, the 3.4mm outer diameter and lightweight design save space and improve transportability. These cables are available in multimode and single-mode bend-insensitive fibres, making them suitable for tight installation situations. The Mini Mil Tac™ cable has an incredibly tight structure that ensures minimum fibre displacement within the jacket, improving performance, consistency, durability and providing excellent compatibility with multichannel harsh environment connectors.

Mini Mil Tac™ Deploy Reel

The Mini Mil Tac™ non-metallic cable reel is light-weighted, oil and grease-resistant, and can cope with inhospitable conditions. The Deploy Reel's main elements are chosen to offer a lightweight, flexible and rigid cable assembly that is readily available in 4 different sizes.

The Deploy Reel uses waterproof and standard connector assemblies which can be directly terminated using a connector or have an IP67 protective housing fitted. These connector assemblies are compatible with the standard Lucent Connector (LC) plant, the entire Bayonet Fitting IP68 connector, and the available accessories.

Being one of the leading manufacturers & suppliers of bespoke copper, fibre, power, and coax assemblies to B2B specialist markets in the cabling industry, QAD Networks got QMS certified high-quality networking products to meet your specific networking requirements. Contact us via +44 1787 462489 or to request your quote today!

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