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Looking After Our Environment

We are very aware of the requirement to reduce wastage as much as possible, especially anything that may be destined for landfill. We have therefore put into place a number of procedures to ensure we manage waste efficiently and to recycle wherever possible.

Cable Drums and Reels

Empty Cable Drums and Reels are recycled back into the industry for re-use. This is achieved by allowing companies who have a requirement to collect those in good condition that we no longer require.


We are often left with pallets that we no longer need as goods delivered are manufactured into smaller assemblies. We keep in touch with local companies who may have a requirement and allow them to collect when required.


All waste paper is shredded. This is then bagged and used as packaging. This reduces our requirement to purchase packaging material and recycles the paper we no longer require.


Cardboard boxes received will be re-used to send out packages. Many are repaired and the remainder are delivered to a local cardboard recycler.


Scrap metal will consist of steel parts from broken cable drums and off cuts of copper cable and drinks cans from the canteen. We delivery all metal to a local scrap merchant for sorting and re-cycling.


Broken pallets and cable drums are collected by a local company who is able to make use of them


Empty plastic bags drum wrappings and pallet wraps are delivered to a local plastics recycle.

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