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  • Who are the clients/industries that QAD provides products and services to?
    Cable manufacturers Data management centres Network cable installers Computer network services Broadcasting services Telecommunication engineering Broadcast engineering Networking hardware Professional network service IT and technical services Entertainment Sport & Media Construction Healthcare and medical services Fibre and copper cables installation and repair services Military services for secure data management/transmission
  • What are the product types that QAD Networks offers to clients/industries?
    Quick Cabinet Link Mini Mil Tac Mini Mil Tac Deploy Reel Fibre Optic Patch Cords Mini Breakout Assemblies Pre - Terminated Multicore Assemblies (Tight Buffered) Pre - Terminated Multicore Assemblies (Loose Tube) Cat 5e, Cat 6, Cat 6a Patch Cords RJ Connectors ENSAM315, Hiroshi Angle Boot Patch Leads Etc Coax Assemblies Power Cable Assemblies Customise Cable Assemblies
  • What are the quality standards and certifications QAD Networks have?
    All our products are manufactured in Britain, according to the British standards. Our workshop meets the 9001:2015 International ISO Quality Management Standards, ensuring the highest quality of the products. Our product Mini Mil Tac is trademark certified under the Trademark Act 1994 of Great Britain & Northern Ireland (Trademark certification number: UK00003083249).
  • Are there any price breaks for bulk purchasing?
    Yes, we do offer discounts/price breaks for bulk purchases. With our cost-effective and smart logistics, we are capable of offering cheaper yet competitive prices for popular bulk purchases of our clients.
  • What delivery options do you offer?
    We do offer a range of delivery options to serve at your convenience. All standard domestic consignments are sent using APC and FedEx. We do ‘Next Day’ delivery, and possible to be flexible according to your time requirements. The next day before 10 AM, the next day before noon, you name it, we deliver the products to your doorsteps. Feel free to send an email to or call +44 (0) 1787 462489 to get the best delivery option for you.
  • Are you delivering outside the UK?
    Of course, we deliver all over the world. Please send an email to or call +44 (0) 1787 462489 for more information on international deliveries.
  • Can you deliver directly to my customer?
    For sure, we can deliver directly to your customers. Based on your requirement, we can deliver all such direct orders as white label and with your delivery note (upon requests).
  • Can I get a product catalogue?
    Corporate E-Leaflet QAD Company Profile
  • Can I place an order at any time?
    All your orders can be placed from Monday to Friday till 7 PM.
  • Do you do cable repair as well?
    Yes. We repair any type of fibre cable at an affordable price.
  • Do you manufacture custom products according to client requirements?
    Yes, we can customise productions according to your requirements.
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