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IP 68 LC Deployable Military Grade Cable

Also suitable for broadcasting applications.

The Reels are a lightweight non metallic construction available in different sizes.

The cable is 2 or 4 core and fitted with 1 or 2 LC Duplex Connectors or Sockets.

The 19inch Panel can be fitted with either the Inline adapter or the Bulkhead Uniter.

The Bulkhead Uniter is fitted with an IP68 protection Cap on the outside and will accept the IP68 Plug. The inside will accept one Duplex or two Simplex LC connectors.

The Inline Adapter comes with 2 IP68 protection caps and can be used to join two IP68 Plugs and will also accept Standard LC connectors.

The Bulkhead Uniter and the Inline Adapter are also available separately.


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