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Fibre Optic Cleaning Kit II

To keep your data transmission working to its optimum levels, it’s imperative that your connector end face remains free of dirt, dust and grit to prevent loss of performance or even permanent damage, which could lead costly repairs or replacements.

Our low cost cleaning kit is one of the best tools available to effectively remove these contaminates from your Fibre Optic network.

The updated cleaning kit contains all the basic requirements for cleaning Connectors and Adapters prior to connection. We have kept the important spares box and added a 1.25mm Adapter cleaner and it is still cost effective.

Click HERE to download the full specification in a PDF document format or call us for more information on 01787 462489


  • Transit Case

  • Air Duster

  • Low Lint Wipes

  • 2.5mm Swabs

  • 1.25mm Adapter and Uniter cleaner

  • IPA 60ml Fine Spray

  • Spares Box

  • Guidance Notes


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